Wood Floor Restoration



Restoring a beautiful hardwood floor to its former glory is a major concern for many. There are public buildings, gyms, restaurants and homes with wood floors hidden under a carpet or vinyl that need to be restored.

Some people think they need to replace their wooded floors because they no longer glow, even after a good clean. Sometimes this is because there is significant damage to some sections of the floor. In most cases, though, there is no need to undertake such an expensive replacement project.

The sanding process for wood floor restoration at GJP Floor Sanding can work wonders. It has worked for hundreds of our customers in the past, and it can work for you too.


Uncertain Which Way to Turn?

If you’re not certain what you need done, all you need to do is contact us today, and we will come and inspect your wood floor and advise you. It’s most likely that we will recommend restoring your wood to bring it back to life and renew its shine. This is normally the most economical and viable solution for our customers.

Business and Home Owners Need a Flexible Wood Floor Restoration Service

We understand that commercial business owners, home owners and those in charge of public buildings cannot always fit floor sanding and restoration work into their schedule conveniently. That’s why for over 10 years GJP has been providing flexible wood floor restoration solutions in Kent.

A lot of businesses choose our overnight or weekend services, while some homeowners prefer we pick up their key from their agent and go about our work while they are away at work, or even on holiday. The trust we’ve built over decades working in Kent and our reputation for uncompromising excellence precedes us. We are the trusted partner to hundreds of companies and homeowners in the area.

There are six simple steps we will take in the sanding wood floor restoration process to get your floor back to pristine condition:

Floor Assessment

We will first need to assess your floor to determine the nature of the problem. We try to ascertain if you are dealing with wear and tear that comes with age, or if there are serious rot issue. We determine if repair is needed, or if we can just clean the floor with approved wood floor cleaner to refresh the wood. We will be open and honest, suggesting the most viable, economical solution.

Clean the Floor

Our team will then proceed to clean the floor thoroughly to ensure it’s dirt free. Tiny granules of sand and other dirt can cause scratches and interfere with the buffing process. We take great care to ensure that the cleaning process is gentle yet powerful.

Buff Sanding

A buffer is used to scrub layers off the original finish on the floor to get it ready for the restoration process.  In this step, the buffer is used to do a scuff-sand of your wooden floor. This has to be done gently to get it right.


The floor has to be properly cleaned before the finish is applied. After buffing or screening the floor, there is going to inevitably be dust and debris and the floor will most likely have a dull look. We use our dust containment system to suck up all dirt and ensure the floor is spotless.

Sealing the Floor

If your wooden floor is not absorbing the paint or stain evenly, then we will have to apply a sealant. While it is not always required, it offers the extra advantage of helping to protect your floor, while also creating an even look.



Finally, we will get the floor back to its original look by applying the stain, paint or oil that was originally used. Of course you can choose to stain with a different product if you prefer. Our GJP floor Sanding Kent team usually applies thin coats of stains several times because the result is better than applying a thick coat of stain once. We do what is best for your floors.

The overall processes and approach may differ depending on the condition of your wood floor. However, this is a general sketch of our usual approach. It is thorough, professional and proven over thousands of sanding restoration projects.

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