Choose A Colour

Pick a Colour

This is the most important task you will have during the floor sanding and restoration process:  choosing a colour.  The colour you go with will help tie your decor objectives together and really define the space we’re working in.  Our Kent floor sanding experts will work with you closely every step of the way,  working with your ideas, and helping you pick a colour that will work best.

The Right Colour

The colour of stain you choose will make the biggest impact in your space, whether that’s a home or a business.   You have the option in colour to either enhance the natural colour of the wood, or change it completely. The colour stain you go with can reflect your home, shop, or even your personality in ways that other design options cannot.    What’s more, the colour can often set the mood of the space, such as change a room from cold to warm, make a room inviting or artsy, and there is a stain for any angle you are going for (click here to read more about our sanding process).

Your Design Goals Are Our Design Goals

kent-floor-restoration-horshamWhile our amazing team of Kent floor sanders will be with you to help lend their professional expertise, the choice of colour is ultimately yours.   Once you’ve narrowed down your selection, test patches will be applied by our team of floor sanders so that you can see how those stains interact with your specific floor.  And if GJP Floor Sanding Kent does not stock the colour you choose, we will work with Morrells to create a bespoke stain that is exactly what you’re looking for.

Patented Staining Process

GJP Floor Sanding in Kent has over ten years of experiences in working with clients and their decor objectives to create absolutely amazing spaces.  From commercial spaces to homes, whether you’re looking to reflect your brand colours within the floor stain or create a light, open space for kids to play, our floor sanding experts will help you at every step to ensure you select the perfect stain.  GJP Floor Sanding in Kent uses only the best in floor stains, such as Morrells Light Fast Wood Stains, which not only dry quickly but leave a floorspace with unparalleled definition and colour.

Colour Palette

Stains come in a variety of different colours, each one offering a potential dramatic impact on your space.  Stains come in natural wood colours, such as mahogany, oak, and pine, just to name a few, and these will give your floors a beautiful, natural finish.  Alternatively, stains also come in the entire spectrum of colour, including white, black, red, and many more.   No matter what colour you choose, our Kent floor sanding experts will help you select the right stain for your space, helping remove the overwhelming choice and leave you with a perfect finish.

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