Strip and Sand Stairs

The Sanding Process: Strip and Sand Stairs

Are you looking to strip and sand your stairs in Kent? Is it time to revitalize this area of your home or business?

People often forget how important it is to sand their stairs and keep their luster. Even those who take care of their floors well occasionally neglect the staircase. A well-kept and attractive staircase can add a spark to your living space.

It doesn’t take long for stairs that are used frequently to start getting worn and eventually require some attention. If yours are starting to look worn and tired, and you are worried about damage, you should call and find out about our sanding process to strip and sand stairs in Kent.

Stripping Stairs in Kent

The first step in this process is to strip the stairs of all remains of paint or finish on them. However, prior to that all furniture in the vicinity will need to be covered or removed to avoid damage from residue. It is also a good idea to search for nails that can damage equipment, and either remove them or punch them in.

There are chemicals that can be used to loosen stubborn paint, but often our sanding experts find that a trusty paint-stripping tool works perfectly.

Once the majority of the paint has been stripped off, our team will scrape off the residues of paint with 25 to 36 grit sandpaper.

Our staircase sanding and stripping team in Kent will do a lot of the work by hand, and, as a result, the finish will be a lot better than companies that rely on machines through the entire stair strip and sand process. Attention to detail and quality craftsmanship when stripping stairs of their old paint is vital to obtaining a spectacular finish. Our hundreds of happy customers are proof that we do things the right way.

Sanding Stairs

Staircases require a delicate approach and precision when sanding, perhaps even more so than wooden floors. A large sanding machine is not the equipment of choice. A handheld sander or just doing it manually with traditional sandpaper is the best process.

We take care to avoid over sanding the stairs. It’s tricky to get right but vital. We have handled so many staircase strip and sanding projects in Kent that we have the experience, expertise and enthusiasm to do a fantastic job; every time. We ensure that you are left with a smile on your face, and that you are proud of your staircase after the job is done.

If you plan to paint the stairs, you won’t need to sand as heavily. Just feathering the finish with sandpaper can work just fine. It’s important to sand your stairs gradually working your way up to 120 grit sandpaper. And don’t forget to clean the stairs every time you climb up a grit class.

The next step is to vacuum the debris and dust, and get the wood ready for gap filling. Any empty space that is between the planks will be filled during staircase the wood gap filling process.

Any slight bow in the stairs can normally be fixed by sanding to the original wood. Excess filler can also be removed by sanding with a finer grit.

Our wooden staircase professionals stain, and then ensure that the stairs are perfectly clean before applying the finish. Depending on the time it takes to dry, the whole process should take about a day and half.

It’s true that stairs require more work because you can’t use the large machine that are usually relied upon for sanding floors. But if you carefully carry out the stripping and the sanding processes, it will be worth the effort, because the result will be stunning.

Engage the GJP Strip and Sand Staircase Team

If you engage the GJP Floor Sanding team, our specialists will take great care to ensure that your staircase strip and sand restoration project is completed affordably, professionally and to your specifications. We know that you want your living space feeling homely, clean and stylish, and we help you wow your friends and family by delivering a sublime finish.

The GJP Floor Sanding Floor Sanding team in Kent has over 30 years’ experience of sanding stairs.

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