Sealing And Varnishing

The Sanding Process: Sealing and Varnishing

At GJP Floor Sanding Kent, brightonfloorsandingwe have perfected the floor sanding, sealing and varnishing process in our more than 10 years of operation in Kent. As a professional flooring company, our specialty in wood floor restoration has earned us unwavering loyalty from our customers. We have developed our craftsmanship by offering quality sanding, sealing and varnishing processes to homes and businesses throughout Kent. We are great at what we do, and our hundreds of happy customers are testament to that fact.

The result of our expertise isn’t only our massive satisfied customer base, but also a growing number of beautifully transformed homes in our portfolio, with once ageing wood floors that have now become laudable works of art.

Floor Sanding

Sanding is just one part of the wood floor renovation process. It rids unnecessary layers of grain and sets the floor ready for sealing, which will keep it durable for many years. Every floor type and timber has its own value and characteristics. Hence, finishing for each of them will require different processes to get the finest results.

  • Engineered Floors


Our vast experience in wood flooring enables us to quickly identify the wood specifications, so that we can avoid sanding at depths that are not suitable for it. For example, when removing the top of engineered floors, it is advisable to sand them twice on occasions. Select an experienced company like ours to carry out your floor sanding services, and ensure that you benefit from the experience of seasoned professionals who really know their stuff.

  • Parquet Blocks

Sanding parquet blocks is a craft that requires great skill. Our technicians have been trained to perform this with precision, attention to detail and professionalism.

  • Hard Wood Floors

When it comes to restoring hardwood floors, an especially precise level of skill is needed, especially for finishing. This service demands that the hard wood not be exposed and left unsealed for a long period of time. When this happens, it causes the timber to expand.

Our wood floor restoration services include Juncker floor- the common type often used in places with high footfall like gyms, museums, commercial buildings, sport centres and other public premises.

  • Floorboards

Sanding floorboards is another service we deliver that demands careful attention. Often covered by rugs and other floor materials, floor boards can present a challenge to sand. However, this is no problem for our experts who are used to restoring floorboards to their original attractive form.

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Sealing and Varnishing

After sanding, it is best to floor-restoration-horshamseal with a product that is designed to be compatible with varnish. We have an extensive range of compatible sealers for different kinds of wood. Adding two to three coats of traditional seal before varnish works like a charm.
Our technicians apply varnish onto the dry wood floor at temperatures that are suitable for placement. We take this into consideration so that the best results are obtained. While working, there may be a need to sand out imperfections in the wood with grit sandpaper or a palm sander.
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