School Floor Sanding Kent

Are you looking for floor sanding experts for schools in Kent?

GJP Floor Sanding is one of the top names in wood floor restorations for schools in the UK. We provide top-quality floor sanding services to the educational sector clients in Kent.

Here at GJP Floor Sanding, we have been carrying out wood floor restoration projects in Kent for years. We have what it takes to work in all kinds of school environments.

Our services cover complete floor renovations and restoration. This includes sanding and repairs of wood floors in schools throughout Kent. We also cover nearby towns in South East England.

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Why is school floor sanding important?

Floor sanding in schools is an important because it improves the condition of the floor. It also reduces the risk of accidents, as well as other problems and issues. When the floor of a school is properly sanded, the floor becomes more comfortable and durable.

Additionally, sanding the wood floor of a school takes care of major maintenance. When the old layer of a worn-out floor is sanded by experts, the result is a strong, durable surface.

Here at GJP Floor Sanding, we have the experience and skills to restore commercial floors in Kent. We provide a comprehensive floor sanding service combined with outstanding customer service.

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How can you restore a school floor to its former glory?

Sanding a school hall floor requires special skills, care and focus. The school hall experiences a high volume of traffic. This results in excessive wear and tear. It is therefore vital that floor sanding is done by qualified professionals.

GJP Floor Sanding can offer high-quality school floor sanding service. We can sand and refinish any wood floor to make it look brand new again. Our hand-wearing finish will keep your school floors looking new always. We also offer an overnight service and can work at weekends or during school breaks. This reduces the chances of disruption to staff and pupils.

As a floor sanding company based in Kent, we take pride in our high health and safety standards. The well-being of our workers and customers is of high priority. This is why we have the relevant insurance covers. We also have one of the best standard operating procedures in the area.

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How do we handle school hall floor sanding work in Kent?

Over the years, we have worked with many schools in and around Kent. We have helped them restore their wooden floors, making them beautiful again. Whether wooden floors in the classrooms or wooden floors in the sports hall, gym or offices. We have the experience to handle floor sanding for schools regardless of the scale.

Our options for school floor sanding operations are either water-based or solvent-based. Our water-based selection includes products like Junckers HP Friction and Bona Traffic. Junckers Friction has a transparent finish. This shows the true natural beauty of your wooden floor. Bona Traffic is designed to meet the demand for heavy-trafficked hardwood floors. Its innovative formula provides the perfect shield and resilience for wood floors.

Our floor sanding package includes a no-obligation site visit. You can choose when you want us to come. After understanding your requirements, we will give you a non-binding quotation.

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Planning a floor sanding project for your school?

School floors make up a huge chunk of the services we carry out in Kent. Schools in the area benefit from our competitive school rates. We also provide floor sanding to churches, offices, and community centres in the area.

Our school clients are always satisfied with the new look of their floors. But at the end of every project, we always let them know that proper maintenance is key to the beauty of their floors.

To this end, we will advise you on the proper maintenance schedule for your renovated floors. We can also recommend cleaning products. This will ensure that your floors are properly cared for and will last for longer.

Give us a call on 01892 575 930 to speak to one of our expert staff members. You can arrange a free assessment of your school floor at your earliest convenience.

Why choose GJP Floor Sanding for school floor sanding in Kent?

At GJP Floor Sanding, we carry out a lot of floor sanding operations for schools in Kent. In fact, we have a number of ongoing projects in the area. If your school floor requires maintenance, we can visit to determine what is needed. We will then make recommendations give you a no-obligation quote for the project.

Here at GJP Floor Sanding, we use the best in dust-free sanding machines. This ensures that there is little or no mess for you to clean up. We understand the significance of safety in schools. This is why we make sure to use only products that contain very little amounts of V.O.C or that are V.O.C free.

This lack of Volatile Organic Compounds means that there is no lingering smell. Combined with the fast-drying properties, your premises can be back to use in no time. We also have a support and training programme for your internal maintenance team.

No matter the state of your floors, simply get in touch with us at GJP Floor Sanding. Call 01892 575 930 or using our contact form to reach us.

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Areas we cover

Our office in the historic county of Kent. GJP Floor Sanding provides professional floor restoration services to schools and commercial clients in Kent.

Our team of floor sanding experts cover some of the most popular towns and parishes in Kent. These include: Ashford, Dartford, Canterbury, Dover and Maidstone. We also cover Gravesham, Swale, Tonbridge, Tunbridge, Thanet, and Chatham.

Not sure whether your school or commercial property falls in our area of coverage? Please feel free to get in touch with us on 01892 575 930 to know if we can visit your location. Someone on our team will be able to tell you if we can work in your area. You can also arrange a visit, or a free, no-obligation quote if you are ready for your sanding project.

If you are ready for floor restoration, please request a quote here.

Get in touch for school floor sanding in Kent

Do you have a school in Kent that requires floor sanding? You are on the right page. Let us help you breathe new life into it. We have a wide range of experience in commercial floor sanding in Kent and the surrounding areas.

If you would like to know more about our floor sanding packages for schools, please take a look at our portfolio. We offer an obligation-free quote for any job so do not hesitate to contact us. Call 01892 575 930 today or send an email to We look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the sanded wooden floor last?

This depends on the foot traffic, the cleaning and regular maintenance of the wood floor. On average, residential sanded and finished wood floors will last 5-10 years. Commercial spaces last for 3-5 years. It is strongly recommended that a maintenance contract is in place. A regular deep cleaning procedure will ensure the longevity of your renovated flooring.

Do you use a quality floor finish?

We want your finish to offer years of protection to your floors. This is why we do not use any of the varnishes available in D.I.Y shops or markets. We only use high-quality water-based or solvent-based products for long-lasting durability. This has very little odour and offers a beautiful rugged finish.

What benefits does a sanded floor have?

Refinished floors are clean and safe, functional and very fashionable. They do not attract pests like carpets do and are almost maintenance-free.

Is dust-free floor sanding really free of dust?

Even though it is called dust-free sanding, the truth is that it is not entirely free of dust. There will always be dust generated during a floor sanding process. But not as much as when you don’t do a dustless or dust-free sanding.

What is dust-free floor sanding?

Dust-free floor sanding is basically the same as regular hardwood floor refinishing. It helps restore stained, damaged and worn-out hardwood flooring. This makes the floor look brand new again. Because dust-free equipment is used, there is little or no dust.

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