Buffing Wooden Floors

Buffing Wooden Floors in Kent

When done by professionals, buffing can be the best and quickest way to maintain your wooden floors, and protect them from irreversible damage.

If there are deep scratches, serious discolouration and other extensive damage, we recommend that you enlist our total floor repair service to give a complete lift to your wooden floor. In this case, buffing wooden floors will be just one stage in the floor restoration process.

We often recommend buffing your wooden floors as a standalone process to restore and maintain the shine of your wooden floor. This is best where we have determined there is no serious damage to warrant a complete restoration.

The GJP Floor Sanding wooden floor buffing service guarantees expert removal of surface cracks and other wear caused by everyday use.

Gjp Floor Sanding Respects History

We understand that the buffing process is primarily aimed at restoring the original finish on your wooden floor, so we take care to achieve this.

This is especially important for clients who have classic wooden floors that have been in the family or establishment for several decades. Do not worry, we understand how much you would like to preserve the classic look of the floor and we will do just that.

A Buffing Process Made Only For Your Wooden Floor


At GJP Floor Sanding, we do not believe in magic sprays and universal methods. Every method and material we use, at every stage, is tailored only for your wooden floor.

GJP Floor Sanding technicians have the experience, expertize and training to identify any kind of wooden floor out there. This enables us to use just the right techniques and materials to restore your floor to your total satisfaction.

If the buffing process is a standalone restoration effort, we simply clean the floor thoroughly, removing any oil or wax coatings with the right cleaning chemical. Then, we vacuum to remove particles that may hamper the buffing process.

The cleaning materials we use are determined by the nature and state of the wood being buffed. Using the wrong chemical, or even a vacuum cleaner that has a reciprocating brush, could do more damage to the wood.

A Thorough Buffing For A Complete Restoration

Similarly, during the actual buffing process, the abrasive screen we use depends on the type of floor we are restoring. We aim to buff your floor only at a depth that suits its thickness and material.

We then set about buffing the floor in a manner that ensures every nook and cranny is covered; the baseboards and any tight corners can be finished by hand.

After the buffing process, we effect a second, thorough vacuuming to clear any dust and other materials that could interfere with the finishing.

Don’t let the word “dust” alarm you. Our state-of-the-art, dust-free machines reduce dust output to just 5%.

Whatever The Kind Of Wooden Floor, We Will Restore It To Perfection


From simple floorboards, through parquet floors, to hardwood floors and engineering floors, we have restored all kinds of wooden floors for our diverse clientele for several decades.

With distinction, we have served manufacturers, gym houses, offices, schools, and of course, homes. We have restored these wooden floors to their original glory…or made them even better than ever, where possible.

With experience and training, we have only become better. Today, we are one of the best at using the correct, top-quality products for each type of wooden floor, and delivering customer service that will leave you thoroughly impressed.

No matter the size of the floor, GJP Floor Sanding technicians will buff and restore it in a quick and efficient manner. Our technicians are artists at heart and in practice. Our ultimate satisfaction is in restoring floors to the best condition, and seeing you beam with delight.

We love doing it. We have been doing it for years. And we will restore your floors to your immense pleasure, and total satisfaction. Give us a call today to get a free quotation to buff your wooden floors.

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