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When renovating your kitchen it can be easy to get swept away with tap choices, splash-back options and the wide range of countertops but the flooring is something which has the ability to bring all of this design together. Picking the right floor tiles for a kitchen isn’t always easy and you need to ensure that you get both the design which befits your kitchen area, and a floor tile which is able to withstand heavy footfall. We wanted to give you some style ideas for your kitchen floor and we enlisted the support of the team at Amber Tiles in Australia to help us out.


The black and white checkerboard design works brilliantly in kitchens which have that industrial design. The colors which you will be using in your industrial-style kitchen are usually dark and coarse and that is why this sleek black and white check design works so well against that backdrop. For a really cool touch don’t align the tiles perfectly, leave them a little messy for a even more stylish look.

Direct Match

Directly matching your floors to the countertops gives the space a really warm feel and a seamless pattern throughout the kitchen. This works far better if you are using lighter colors as opposed to dark, and you can add some extra style with the addition of a colorful rug.

Mix It Up

If you can’t decide between wooden flooring or tiled flooring then you could go for a bold mixture of the two. Using flat wooden planks which run into hexagonal tiles will give the fitter a bit of a headache but the overall look will be incredibly cool and unlike anything which people have seen before.


If you have decided on a classic white kitchen then the perfect tiles to set off the style are these Turkish Terrazo tiles. The tiles offer a diamond shaped design which will incorporate the white of the rest of the kitchen, along with some grey and black flourishes. These tiles make for the perfect understated look which a white kitchen needs.


Terracotta floor tiles look awesome in kitchens which have that country, farmhouse style to them. Terracotta tiles not only look great but they are highly durable and they bring a real sense of the Mediterranean to your kitchen.


If you have already gone a bit color mad with your kitchen design then you can use simple and basic white tiled flooring which will neutralize and help to embolden the colors which you have gone for in the kitchen. Too much color only serves to add confusion and chaos to the kitchen which is why you can count on these tiles to act as the perfect middle ground between your color choices.

Which will be the tile that you choose for your kitchen renovation? Let us know which styles you love most in the comments below.