Excellent Service

At GJP Floor Sanding, our reputation is our most prized asset. For 10+ years, we have built and cemented our reputation as one of the best floor sanding companies in Kent through excellent workmanship and terrific customer service.

We are a family-run business, founded on the principles of true customer service and integrity. Unlike corporate-minded businesses that are merely interested in expansion and maximizing profit, we are concerned about providing a premium experience for each and every client we serve.


That’s why we do the following:

  • Invest only in the best machines and chemicals

They are all eco-friendly, cause you no harm, and allow us to perform our job with the most minimal disruption to you. Our sanding machines are dust-free, meaning there is no inconvenience to you or mess on your property


  • Invest in people who care

We never outsource any job. Not even a bit of it.

We do not believe restoring your wood floor is just getting a job done. We believe that it should be both a service and an experience for you.

All our professionals are friendly and they love what they do; their greatest reward is in making your wood floor beautiful again and seeing you completely satisfied. And, they will go to any lengths to make this happen.

For us, one client’s genuinely pleased smile worth more than a thousand “good” jobs.

  • Continual training

We are constantly embracing new techniques, materials and machines that deliver the best service to you. Our staff is constantly updated with the latest and best methods to deliver the quickest and best floor sanding service in the UK, in a cost-efficient way.

GJP Floor Sanding in Kent – floor sanding without boundaries

Some wood floors are made of soft pine. They require extra care to avoid damage. Some others are made of hard oak and mahogany. They require hard work and patience to restore.

Some wood floors see little traffic like the ones in your rooms. Some others see heavy use like in commercial buildings and manufacturing plants.


Some wood floors have been badly damaged due to heavy use and improper maintenance, some others simply require a remodeling to fit a new design plan.

For over 30 years, we have done it all. And we have done it with distinction. No matter the size or scale of the work needed, we have delivered with excellence, within one of the shortest times in the industry. That’s why we are the place to go for any floor sanding job in Kent.

Honest work

As a family-run business, we have always operated with the knowledge that we are the same as our clients.

We have built an enviable reputation as an honest and transparent outfit. Our assessment, costing, invoicing and guarantee agreements are all built around giving the client the best experience possible. Our quotes are fair, clear, and with no cooked-up costs.

We are fair in all we do, and we always put ourselves in the position of the client to deliver a sand flooring service that restores people’s faith in tradesmen.


We have proof of it

A greater part of our portfolio is made up of clients who were referred to us by other clients. Go to Junkers Approved Contractor.com and see what our customers are saying about us.

Which? has also honoured us with a Which? Trusted Trader badge. We are listed by both Junkers Approved Contractor and Which? Trusted Traders on their websites for people looking for the best tradesmen in the UK.

GJP Floor Sanding is also a member of the prestigious Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

It has been an amazing journey for us. And we are looking forward to the journey ahead with you. Contact us today, to deal with a floor sanding company that is backed by provable, excellent reputation.

Why not give is a call today for free floor restoration advice or an obligation free quote?