Commercial Floors

Are you looking to get commercial floors sanded? Do you want to enhance the look of your commercial space, impress clients and enhance your brand image?

After decades of maintaining commercial floors, such as those in the offices, gyms, restaurants, cafes, and schools in Kent, we have developed the best practices; processes that ensure that your floors are sanded with skill, professionalism and incredible attention to detail.

It’s not just about the way we operate — ensuring minimal disruption and treating the floors as if they were our own, but we also offer the right advice to our clients and ensure their floors retain their beauty for years to come.

You’ll Be Amazed by Our Sanding Process for Commercial Floors in Kent

Our clients with heavy foot traffic are always astonished at how much difference our commercial floor sanding process makes to their environment. The floor of a commercial building reflects on the business. But even though businesses with damaged floors want to get them fixed, they often face difficulties fitting the commercial floor sanding process into their schedule, because they can’t afford to disrupt their business or inconvenience their customers.

That’s why most businesses in Kent prefer our overnight or weekend services. We know that it’s important to be speedy and deliver a convenient service without compromising on quality in the slightest way.

The commercial floor renovation process does always take some time and patience. Stains, lacquers and varnishes needs to be coated several times and also require adequate drying time (this can be hastened if necessary with heaters). But don’t worry, whatever you give in patience will be repaid manifold with a stunning finish that your customers and staff will fall in love with. We work around you as best we can, and are flexible to your schedule.

Tips on Maintaining Your Commercial Wood Floors

We are commercial wood floor experts in Kent. Our sanding process for commercial floors doesn’t end when we finish the job. We want you to be proud of your floors for many years to come. We therefore provide you with advice and guidance, and a best in class after-sales service.

There are a few things you can do to help maintain your floors. Using footpads on chairs and heavy furniture will help prevent scratches Even if your heavy furniture has footpads, don’t slide them over the floor. If you allow dirt to build up, it may cause scratches on your pristine floors due to abrasive friction. Vacuum and sweeping regularly will help prevent this. Also ensure the vacuum has soft brush on it.

Go for recommended and approved cleaning products. Don’t ever use soap and water to clean your wooden floors.

It’s never a good idea to steam clean your wood floor, even though it will leave it clean. The water from the steam can cause the wood to warp and it may cause other damage too.

Utilising non-staining entryway systems that do not trap dirt will also help preserve your wooden floor around the entranceways by removing salt, dirt and other harmful substance. After years of use, you can recoat with lacquer.

The advice above can truly help protect your commercial wood flooring and keep it sparkling for a longer than you might think. It will help to ensure your floor is able to withstand the traffic without losing its natural beauty.

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GJP is ever willing to advise you on how best ways to take care of your commercial floors. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.

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