Sanding Your Floor

Stage 3: Our Floor Sanding & Restoration Process

about-us-floor-sanding-machinesSanding Your Floor

GJP Floor Sanding Kent has over ten years experience in delivering high quality, professional results that exceed client expectations every time.  Each job is undertaken as a completely unique project in which we determine the best method of sanding, refinishing, and restoring your floor.   Our tradesmen will use the best products and tools based on your room size and shape to get the best possible finish.

Proven Floor Sanding Process


We use a tailored approach for each client to ensure we get the most out of each and every floor we encounter (read more about our sanding process here).  Before sanding, our team will repair the floor, taking care to replace any damaged boards with new or reclaimed wood.   We secure loose boards, and fix and structural problems if the floor is really neglected.  W ill also, if required, remove hearths and treat wood for damp related problems.


hove-floor-sanding-machinesAbrasives are what make sanding possible, and our team of floor sanders will use a range of abrasives on every job.  In doing so, you are left with a seamless, flawless finish.   To start off, we use a 40-grit sandpaper with our dust-free machines to sand down the floor and we typically end with a much finer, 120-grit paper to get a smooth, clean finish.

Smooth, Refined Finish

GJP Floor Sanding Kent uses only the best available equipment and products on the market for your floors.  It doesn’t matter if you have soft or hard wood, or even parquet, we’ve got just the right tools for the job.  We use virtually dust-free machines, featuring high powered vacuums that reduce dust output by up to 95%.   And we’ve invested in these top of the line machines in order to minimize disruption to your home and lives during the sanding process.  Our kent floor sanders who Bona and HUMMEL sanding machines, the best brands on the market when it comes to floor sanding.

Dust-Free Machines

Since we know the sanding process can be noisy and can cause some disturbance to you and your neighbours, our professional floor sanding specialists will take steps to minimise noise and mess. In addition to using state-of-the-art sanding machines that minimise dust and noise, our London wood flooring experts keep their work limited from between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. in order to reduce any disruption. We also recommend that you speak to your neighbours to let them know when we will be completing the sanding process. Our goal is to work as quickly as possible without cutting any corners and provide you with premium results.

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