Commercial Floor Sanding in Kent

Commercial Floor Sanding Experts In Kent

GJP Floor Sanding is one of the top commercial floor sanding companies in Kent. We deliver perfect wood floor restoration to commercial clients in the area.

Offices, bars, cafes, restaurants, gyms, and museums. It doesn’t matter the place. We use the latest equipment and technique to ensure your floor is flawless. Your renovate floors will last longer even with increased traffic.

What’s more? We guarantee your floor will be 99% dust-free with minimal distraction while we work. We use premium standard products that are also environmentally friendly. We work to fit your schedules. We also offer professional advice – at no charge.

If you are thinking of giving your commercial space in Kent a new look and feel, the floor may be a good place to start from. Call 01892 575 930 to speak to someone about your plans.

Benefits of Sanding Your Commercial Floors

Hardwood floors are a lovely and classy addition to commercial premises. Wood flooring can be used in restaurants, schools, retail outlets, churches, pubs, and so on. They are practical, long-lasting and don’t cost a ton to maintain. However, they can also suffer wear and tear due to prolonged use. This is when sanding and refinishing comes in.

Sanding breathes new life into the floor of your commercial space. It makes it welcoming and attractive to customers and visitors.

At GJP Floor Sanding, we offer excellent wood floor sanding service in Kent. We always perform on schedule and to the complete satisfaction of our customers. They can be confident their floor will be expertly finished in a way that promotes their image. To ensure the durability of the floor, we use the best quality equipment, oils, and lacquers.

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Our Commercial Floor Sanding Process in London

Our floor sanding process involves three stages. They are: Preparation stage, Sanding stage, and Finishing stage.

The Preparation Stage

We will first evaluate your floor to establish if there are any major problems. We’re looking to discover whether you’re dealing with age-induced wear and tear, or if there’s a major rot problem. Where there are no major problems, we can simply clean and vacuum the floor. This is the first step in the sanding process. This also includes removing any foreign object like nail heads and adhesives.

The Sanding Stage

Here, our floor sanders team will use a variety of abrasives on any job. So, you’re left with a smooth, faultless finish.

Sanding process can be noisy and messy. But our qualified floor sanding technicians take precautions to reduce noise and mess. We use state-of-the-art noise and dust reduction sanding machines. Plus our flooring experts always keep their work confined to appropriate working hours. Our aim is to work as fast as possible without cutting corners. We produce quality results.

The Finishing Stage

The floor’s original look will be restored by adding the original type of stain, paint or wax. If you want to change the stain, you can. Our Kent Sanding floor team will apply thin stain coats multiple times. It is better this way, than applying one thick stain coat once. We will also add a sealant if necessary to ensure that the stain is well absorbed and seamless.

Floor finishing is an important stage in the restoration process. It needs technical know-how and experience. Getting it right means your wooden floor will last longer with little maintenance. It is the difference between exposure to chemicals and restoring your floor safely.

Contact us for your wood floor repair service in Kent. This may be the best business decision you will make this year.

Get in touch with us on 01892 575 930 to explore your floor restoration options. You can also click here to request a free, on-obligation quote.

If you are ready for floor restoration, please request a quote here.

Why Choose GJP Floor Sanding for Commercial Floor Sanding In Kent?

GJP Floor Sanding charges reasonable prices for sanding services for commercial flooring in Kent. Our years of floor sanding experience have helped us learn excellent workmanship. Our floor sanding teams take a respectful approach to customers at all times.

We are experts and versatile in delivering quality commercial floor sanding services. This have led us to develop into one of the top commercial floor sanding companies in Kent.

Whatever your budget, wood type or floor size, we can work with you to refresh your property. We will breathe new life into the floors of your commercial space in Kent.

Areas we cover in Kent

We work on commercial floor sanding jobs in most parts of the county of Kent in Southeast England. We have worked on projects in the North and Dartford and the Isle of Sheppey. We have also worked around Ramsgate and Tunbridge Wells. We do a lot of work in Maidstone, Canterbury and Ashford also. Our commercial floor sanding projects take us along the A25, A26 and A20. We can also travel out east on the A2 and all the way down to Dover in the south-eastern most point of Kent.

Do you have an office or commercial building with wood floors that needs restoration in Kent? We can complete the job with skill, precision and quality.

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Please feel free to contact us if you would like to request a quotation on our services. Also get in touch if you want to know more about our Kent-based commercial floor sanding service. We will tell you the benefits and how it will impact your business.

Call us on 01892 575 930 to talk to a member of our team who can arrange for a free site visit at a time that best suits you. You can also take things forward by requesting a free, no-obligation quote immediately.

Begin your journey to an attractive wooden floor and great commercial space now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Be Present During The Sanding Works?

It is preferable that you be present or close by during a floor sanding service. We realise you might be busy. If during the floor works you cannot be present, listed below are the times necessary for you to be present; The first day, you will have to be with our floor men briefly to give them clear orders. This is not needed if clear instructions have been communicated beforehand. A day has to be set aside for confirmation of services. This may also include selection of staining colour. This too is not needed if clear instructions have been communicated beforehand. The last day, To check the condition of finished floor works and verify completion.

Are Your Site Visits Free?

All trips to sites are free of any charge. You can schedule a free survey of the flooring site online or by phone. Our floor surveyors will then get in touch with you to confirm the visit and get a few other information.

How Can I Get a Floor Sanding Quote?

We will need to review and inspect your flooring to determine the services you need. This way, we can provide you with a free quotation. Quotations are typically sent via email on the same day, or within two days of our site survey. To request a quote, please provide the relevant information using the form provided. You can also book a site visit at your earliest convenience. It is free, fast, and secure.

If you are ready for floor restoration, please request a quote here.