GJP Floor Sanding Process- Finishing Your Floor in Kent


This is the final stage of the GJP Floor Sanding wood floor restoration process. Finishing a newly-repaired floor highlights the hue of the stain, giving it a beautiful, sharp look. We also recommend finishing to complete newly-installed wood floor projects.

Whether it’s a newly-installed wood floor or a restored one, our sanding and finishing process gives you the look you want for your wood floor, and protects it for a long time to come.

We can finish any kind of wood floor. We have the experience to get the job done, and our hundreds of happy customers demonstrate that we do the job the right way. Every GJP Floor Sanding finish in Kent guarantees that your wood floor is protected from wear, dirt, moisture, children and pets.

A floor finishing process done by true professionals:

Wood floor finishing is the most delicate and defining stage in the wood floor restoration process. It requires fine technical expertise that is far from common. Getting it right can be the difference between needing more floor work in a year or two, and enjoying your wood floor for a decade with only minimal maintenance from you. It can be the difference between exposing you to hazardous chemicals and enjoying a safe restoration process.

Using the right sanding process and floor finishing products in Kent


The finish we apply to the wood depends on several factors such as the exposure of the wood, the traffic on the wood floor, as well as the tint you prefer on your wood.

Satin or matte? Semi-gloss or high gloss? These decisions can be hard.

Oil-based, water-based, moisture-cured or lacquered finish? The considerations can be conflicting.

Being both excellent technicians and décor experts, we can help you come up with the best solution that will strike the right balance between your aesthetic and practical requirements. We are aided by years of experience and learning, to use only the best finishes that align to your requirements and preferences.

Protecting our clients and the environment,

GJP Floor Sanding services aims, not only to satisfy our customers with excellent service delivery, but also to conform to regulations, and protect our customers and the environment.

GJP Floor Sanding uses only eco-friendly and odorless chemicals with no VOC, without compromising the quality of the finish.

Several clients have concerns about having to vacate the house for a long period of time for the process. With GJP Floor Sanding in Kent, you can be sure we use best-quality materials that dry fast and allow as many coatings as necessary within the shortest time in the industry.

With best-quality products,

We have excellent working partnerships with some of the best finish manufacturers in the industry. We are committed to finding and using only the best products to suit the wide range of needs of our clients, and so we have stocked all kinds of finishes from top brands like Osmo, Bona and Becker Acroma. Every one of these brands comes with an after-sales warranty.

To deliver top-quality, long-lasting wood floor restoration


At GJP Floor Sanding, you can be sure the finishing is done by true professionals who put you first and will not mind the extra work to ensure only the best materials and methods are used to guarantee a top-quality and long-lasting finish.

The GJP Floor Sanding process is an elaborate method used to ensure that your wood floor, no matter the state and condition, is fully restored as the pride of your space.

Every stage from floorboard replacement to finishing, is done solely with the aim of attaining beauty, protecting your wood floor and cementing our legacy as the best sanding company in all of Kent.

The process is integrated, each stage leading naturally to the next, with best value added at every stage such that the finished product is already guaranteed to satisfy and last.

Contact us now to get a wood floor restoration service in Kent; from a company that will exceed all your expectations, and permanently restore your love for wooden floors.

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