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Which floor finish should I choose?

We use a number of professional wood floor lacquers all of which are water based and safe. Our ranges include, BonaKemi, Becker Acroma, Johnston’s & Jenkins. If you would like a natural oil finish, we use Osmo polyx hard oil, available in matt or silk.

Oil-treated surface

If you choose an oil-treated surface for your new refinished / sanded wood floor, you get the maximum protection of the surface which is also environmentally friendly.  The natural look and feel of the wood floor will stand out.  The natural exchange of moisture in the room is promoted by the porus surfaces, which is also beneficial to allergy sufferers.  In additon oil-treated surfaces are easy to care for, and can be partially refurbished

locally if required.

Oil-treated, brushed surface

Planks treated in this wayfeature a marked accentuation of the grain.  They have a really tradtional and authentic look.  This special appeal is created by the use of steel brushes which remove the soft wood from the surface of the wood, giving the planks a special hardness as well.

Lacquered surface

Lacquered planks are just the right solution if you want a surface with a silky mat finish.  The exclusive furniture quality look featuring multilayered UV acrylis lacquer gives them an elegant touch.  What’s more, a lacquered surface is hygenic and easy to care for.