in Preparation & Sanding Process

What is the process for restoring our floors?

Step 1: Floor assessment

The first thing we want to do is assess your floor to determine whether or not we need to complete any repairs. Is it just minor scratches that we are dealing with or is there something more serious happening? If no repairs are needed then we can simply remove the stains, paint, etc. with an approved floor cleaner.


Step 2: Clean the wood floor

It is important to sweep and ensure that there is no debris on the floor. Leaving granules of sand can cause scratches and other issues during the buffing process.


Step 3: Sand the floor

During this step we will use our sanding machines to remove all the scratches and wear and tear in the floor. If this is just a minor job then we can simply buffer off the old finish and there will be no need to go down to the timber.


Step 4: Clean up

We will be using various sanding grits with decreasing abrasiveness. In between each grit, we will need to clean up. As well, once the sanding is completed, we will do a final cleaning to prep the floor for sealing.


Step 5: Seal the floor

Sealing the floor isn’t always required but if your floor doesn’t appear to be soaking up the stain evenly then you will want to apply a sealant. It never hurts to seal the floor as it does create a nice even look and it also protects your wooden floor.


Step 6: Finishing touches

Now it is time to apply the stain or oil that was previously used on your wooden floor. Applying a couple of thin coats is better than using one thick coat of stain.