in Floor Sanding

What are wood slivers?

If you are curious about the process of applying wood slivers, here is a more detailed look at how we do it:


Step 1:

Re-nail the floor to ensure all nails are at least 3-4 mm deep.

Step 2:

Clean the joints out very carefully, so we don’t catch any cables or pipes.

Step 3:

Place a sliver into each gap and see if it is a nice, snug fit.

If it fits well, remove it and put the glue down on each side.

Place the sliver back in the gap and hammer all the way down the sliver, forcing it into the space. The further the sliver goes into the gap, the better.

Step 4:

Continue this process until the entire floor is tight and filled. Leave the slivers alone to dry for at least 4 hours. If possible, let them dry overnight.

Step 5:

Using a sharp chisel cut the tops of the slivers off so they are level with the floor. If the glue has been left to harden overnight, you will be able to kick the slivers off, leaving the gaps filled.

Step 6:

Clean up the mess and get ready for sanding

This method of filling gaps is typically more expensive, however, it will last longer than other methods. It is also less prone to cracking as it shifts with the floor.